Hooping It Up

I joined a gym last August. It was right down the street from my work and relatively cheap. They had lots of weights and cardio equipment. The proximity to work was key. I was motivated to get there and work out. Turned out, they had some really cool staff members. People who welcomed you and made you feel like it was important you showed up and worked out. People who got to know you enough to ask you if you could help them out with their own WordPress set up. The one kid was even reading War and Peace. Okay. Well. Maybe not. I think it was Paradise Lost or something like that.

Unfortunately, things with the company fell apart. They lost most of their employees, took on a new image, and in the process alienated me. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT), but I miss the human interaction when I walk in. Nowadays, they are all focused on CrossFit, and nothing else. While I have a place to work out, it doesn’t mean much anymore, except for the input I get from my Internet friends on DailyMile, Twitter, and Facebook.


hula hoop

hula hoop

I bought a hula hoop over a year ago, thanks to an article in Shape magazine featuring Marisa Tomei. I’m not sure what caused me to revisit it over a weekend ago, but I started hooping again. Then I did some research. There were stories of people dropping some serious pounds!

Then, a few days ago, I upped the ante and purchased a full-blown exercise hoop.

I am able to hoop in my garage and I can watch TV shows on my iPad. I can listen to music. I save 20 minutes travel time from home to the gym. I’m trying to learn all I can about hooping. Hopefully, the more I learn, the more I shed, and the more I share. Here’s to hooping it up.


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