My Computer is in the Way of Everything

Last week, I started watching episodes of Ally McBeal from the pilot on. I’ve made it up to about episode 12 in season 2. I never watched it consistently when it came out in 1998. I guess I had other things to do. I remember watching it more toward the end of its run, so it’s nice to be able to catch up with it on Amazon Prime.

I’ve posted incessantly about it on Facebook and Twitter, and I am beginning to feel like its my own little current addiction. It has its high points and low points. While I love the innuendos, the characters, and edginess, it does kind of get old real fast.

I spent last week at a conference, and then my husband and son left for the weekend to go hunting. I plowed through a lot of episodes this weekend. My husband came back today and asked me what the deal was — “Why are you watching so much Ally McBeal?”

I identify with Ally McBeal. I’m like Ally and the Biscuit. I’m a weird little entity looking for someone who will love me and invest in me. I dream of unicorns and perfection. I walk around with theme songs in my head and I am always in search of something more.

So today, as I sat here working on homework for my masters degree, I got the look for being on the computer too much. I put it away. I could finish it this evening. And so I sat this evening, trying to work on my homework, and I got the statement that at some point I had to “put the computer away. It’s getting in the way of everything.” My Ally McBeal retort was “What? It’s getting in the way of watching you sleep?”

My computer is not an issue. Maybe a long time ago, other things were the issue that drove me to turn on my computer and connect with others socially because maybe other avenues were unavailable then.

Apparently, they still are.


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