Full Day

It has been an incredibly full month. I have two contracts running, my master’s class, work, a staff retreat to plan, and life. I don’t like times like this. I feel overwhelmed and underwater. Not that I can’t handle it. I just need to whine to release the pressure. It will all be good.

Today was an exceptionally good day. Busy. Crazy. Full. But good.

Early hours

I got into work today at 7. I love coming to work early. The place is so quiet. I turn on my ambient lights with the required green, mercury bulbs, and it’s almost like I’m engulfed in a womb. I feel like I can accomplish everything.

The solitude lasted until 7:30 when I received a text to start setting up for the welcome event for my new coworker. That was fine. I was excited to welcome him to our college.

Welcome Kent

I can’t remember a time when so many people turned out to an event to welcome a new employee. It was insane. My manager must have a reputation for putting out a spread. She does. There were bagels, donuts, scones, tons of fresh fruit, coffee, tea, and orange juice. I actually got to talk to coworkers about things that mattered. Some of them asked me about Prezi and requested I do a short course on it. I never see myself as some authority, but the way they talked to me, it was just that any knowledge sharing would be good. This is something I must do. I never have really taught anything, so I am quite intimidated. But, I have to start somewhere. And we all were talking about presentations and ideas, and it was a good conversation to have.

I also talked to another employee about wage-payroll employees. As the president or leader of the Staff Advisory Committee, I just recently found that wage-payroll employees don’t enjoy the inclusive benefits of being staff. It really bothers me as these people are just as relevant to the success of our College as any staff member. I will work to make sure everyone is involved and included.

Staff Retreat

The Staff Advisory Committee is in charge of running staff retreats. Our next retreat is this Friday. We are tethered by tightened budgets and the fact that we’ve never been trained in running retreats. This week I am hyperventilating in anticipation of this thing playing out. Everyone seems really excited. I am working on finishing up activities for team-building and innovation. I’m going to have to speak at some point. I should write something up, but I’m terrified. I’ve been in situations like this before, and apparently, I can shoot from the hip. After today’s turnout, I’m thinking it will be a day filled with energy and camaraderie. It’s still important to remember to breathe. I hope this day is meaningful to all staff members.

Instructional Design

For the first time in a long time, I got to spend time with one of my courses today. I found a few spots where I could add interactions, and I created, uploaded, and completed one interaction. One check on a list of many.

Faculty Readiness Tool for Online Instruction

Spent an hour with Larry Ragan, Wayne Anderson, Lisa Byrnes and EMS team learning more about their new rubric tool that is being developed in conjunction with A&A, EMS and ETS. It looks really awesome! We were seeing if the tool would work for our goals. As designated leader for the team (as per Larry…”Melissa, I think it would be great if you could head this up…”), I outlined a plan for our essential requirements and followed up with the group. I’m so excited to see this develop.


I come home and have a million other things to do…make dinner, bond with hubby, work on class, work on work, work on contracts, and it’s so hard to do.  It’s so much easier in the early hours in the office. Maybe I should just go into the office and work from 5 to 5. Maybe I’d get more done. My evenings of late are very unstructured. Even writing something like this eats away at valuable time. With the holidays coming up, I need to get a plan into place.

Crossing fingers, legs, and toes….


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