Early in my senior year in high school, I was accepted to Texas A&M and North Texas State University (now known as the University of North Texas). I didn’t feel comfortable with large schools, so I chose NTSU. Shortly after that, my dad lost his job. For a year, I attended college, my dad searched for a job, and it ended up that the only place he could find a job was in Huntingdon, PA.

My mother, who was quite used to moving, scoured the local colleges and told me I had two options: Juniata or Penn State. As a biology major, Juniata was the dream school, but it cost entirely too much money. As the daughter of a woman from Pittsburgh, PSU was the school that had Franco Harris and Joe Paterno. It didn’t take much thought to determine where I would go. Unsurprisingly, I ended up at Penn State.

About six years into my timeline, I met Franco, took pictures, and sent them all to my mom. The man has integrity. So does Joe. I remember games when I was in 8th grade, seeing Joe stalking the sidelines. I believe I was destined to go to Penn State. But, to deal with the unraveling of today, all the circus going on now is challenging and embarrassing.

My mom passed away in 2001 and I don’t want to say it, but I’m glad. It killed her to see the death of Dale Earnhardt.

If she witnessed the goings-on now, it would be beyond. Because of the allegations against one individual, countless people have taken the fall. Legends. People who had honor. I don’t know much what to think anymore, but I do know, that regardless, I still believe that justice must be allowed to play out before it is ever, ever served. Also, I still believe in Penn State. I simply believe, we always will be, and we always are….”

Penn State.


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