So. I am going to try this 365 thing. See how annoying I can be.

Today, I was motivated enough to get into the gym. Nothing to do with New Years. More about about being happy with the body I am in and being healthy.

So–on my way in, the sun was shining brilliantly. The sky was incredibly blue. And the clouds–well, they were moving at the speed of light across the sky. These clouds were booking. It looked like something out of a movie.

Diamond in the Sky

I couldn’t capture this in the photo, but I think I got the brightness. It works.

I went into the gym and an hour later, it was all dark and gray. An hour after that, it was pouring down rain.

My horoscope today told me to behave and keep my opinion to myself. So, with that, I will keep my mouth shut. Hard thing for me to do.

Happy New Year. Hope you like the following 364 days.


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