This is one of those days where I had big plans, but they didn’t go far.

I *DID* go workout again. I ran for the most part of 15 minutes and went on the Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT). I was a little worn out, but that was good.

I bought a bunch of frames for my son to frame his past baseball jerseys at Michaels. I was late for the start of the Penn State game, which apparently caused a bit of a stink. Spent the afternoon framing, ironing, and cooking.

On the menu tonight: bacon-wrapped scallops, broccoli salad, and baked potato.

Bacon-wrapped scallops, broccoli salad, sliced tomatoes, and baked tater (and olives)

I tried to think when first ever had scallops. I know I never had them as a kid. All I know is that I love them. They must be one of the most divine foods on this earth. And I didn’t even eat the bacon!

As we move through the year, you will  probably see a lot of food photos. Cooking is a source of great creative release for me. Easy. Simple. Nobody gets hurt (usually).

Ended up the evening with the basset being spoiled.

Got kicked off the couch

The boy and his dog

Hubby asked me today if I had a good break. I did, but there were alot of things I didn’t do that I could’ve done…should’ve done…He said that maybe I could have worked on Christmas morning.

The sarcasm was not lost on me.

My horoscope today said this: “If you can stay focused on your objectives, everything should improve as the day unfolds.” Needless to say, I didn’t stay very focused. Maybe tomorrow.


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