Spud-Bob Square Pants is welcomed by all the other Potato Heads

It started at work one day, about seven years ago. A self-affirmed redneck and co-worker was having a really bad day and I said, “May the force be with you.” At that point, he determined “The Force” was beer. I was okay with that. So, when things always got tough or crazy, we’d always invoke The Force.

It wasn’t much later, when I ran across the Darth Tater spud on the web, and I had to have him. Not because of Star Wars, but because of the The Force. R2-Potat2 followed, just because he was cute. And who couldn’t love SpiderSpud and his rocking costume and web?  The Halloween Spud got picked up because of his ghost costume (and he glows in the dark). And Spud Lightyear can take you to “Infinity and Beyond.” They all have their own personalities and stories. The only spud that is at home is the Penn State spud posed like a Heisman trophy football player. He rests next to a signed PSU football on our PSU altar.

So, when I ran across SpudBob SquarePants doing my Christmas shopping, I couldn’t resist. My son grew up watching him and watches him even now, even though he’s in college. So, now, when I look at Spudbob, I think of the one and only original: my “spud”…and I smile. And that’s priceless.


2 thoughts on “5/365

  1. And now I have a gift idea for you. I just need to find an Inca-themed Spud.

    BTW, I’ve been out of college for some time and still enjoy SpongeBob…although it is a tad odd to watch him in Spanish down here.

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