The End of the Season

My son returns to college in three days. He’s been home for about a month, and amazingly, we’ve all gotten along pretty well.

The Boys

When I was in college and would return home, the three days before I left would be battles between my mom and me. It was like we each were trying to make it easier to say goodbye. If we were pissed, we’d be happy to not see each other. I think the same dynamic is going on here with father and son. They’ve bonded wonderfully the past few weeks, but the separation over the next week or so will take it’s toll. It’s already starting.

Personally, I don’t fight over goodbyes anymore…rather, I try to just ship them out early. It doesn’t seem to be working. If I could just ship them out and somehow end up on the Chesapeake…I’d be set!


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