These aren't Otto's Nachos

There is a great little place in State College called “Otto’s Pub and Brewery.” They brew their own beer and have some pretty darn good food. Since Clint went off to college, Mr. Hicks and I find we can have a nice cheap date at Otto’s for around $20. We split a pitcher and a pizza or a cheesesteak or something.

When we first started to going to Otto’s a couple of years ago, we would order the nachos. And then we would order them again. And again…in hopes of getting a decent order. But there is something about Otto’s and nachos. They put them on a really narrow plate and pile the chips really high, then they put the toppings at the peak of the chips and let them drizzle down. There is never enough *stuff* on the nachos and we have given up on ever trying them again. (Though my coworker, Brenda, says they are fairly decent nowadays.) We’ve been burnt too many times. This is our attempt at nachos. No complaints here.


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