In the Presence of a Moment

Thought this would be a quiet day. I guess not. Joe Paterno died, and then he was alive again!  That was pretty rocking awesome. Some say Tebow brought him back to life. I would believe that.

I remember watching Joe Pa in a football game sometime when I was in 8th grade-ish, maybe in Plano, Texas. I can just remember him prowling the sidelines and it was just like yesterday. Never thought I’d end up at Penn State. Maybe it was destiny. Who knows?!

The Will to Win

Sign hanging on my son's bedroom door

So as I was procrastinating on working on databases today, I did some cleanup around my kitchen. I opened up and cleaned out these two cans of rock-hard Gatorade to make room on some of my cabinets.



I cracked them open and plopped them in the sink as the powder was rock hard. As soon as the water hit the powder and the scent wafted up, I was transported back to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, to a  14-year-old Babe Ruth game on Winder field in the dugouts. The scent was exactly the same. There I was: standing in the dugouts with Clay Antos, Kenny Harpster, Kerry Meyers, Adam Karas, my son, and more. My video camera battery was dead, and the camera was plugged into the dugout wall. The day was sunny. And we had nothing but a day of baseball and laughter in front of us. I just remember the smell of Gatorade—it was so overpowering.

Nothing quite so powerful as a sense-induced memory to take you right back to where you wish you could still be.

All I know is that I’ve cried too much today.


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