I live in the shadow of Beaver Stadium. (Okay, maybe 4 miles from it.) At least five times a week, I face this sentinel as I drive to and from work.

Living in the Shadow of Beaver Stadium

Joe Paterno died again today. This time, Tebow did not save him. I really hadn’t thought about this happening today. I’d planned on finishing up my course database project, which is beyond a month late. Yeah. I do that about every weekend now, don’t I?


Tough weekend for Kleenex in our house

I was, and have been, appalled by the number of people lashing out against Paterno and the number of sites sullying his reputation. All I know is that the Kleenex in our house has been hit hard this weekend between colds and life. I can only pray that this will all play out as it should, that God has the final say, that the victims find resolution and healing, that Joe finds peace and absolution, and those who so deserve find themselves in the appropriate circles of hell.

The high point of my day was my son who sent me a picture of his baseball jerseys for the coming season. I hope he stays healthy and finally has a chance to realize his dreams.


"The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital." Joe Paterno

Go get ’em, bud. I so believe in you. Living in the shadow does not keep us from shining in the light. Ever.


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