Joe Paterno Procession Bus

Joe Paterno Procession Bus

It was hard to pick a picture today. I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted.  I didn’t take enough…

I went into work and decided to attend the viewing of Joe Paterno at Penn State. I luckily ran into my coworker as I was bolting down the ramp to go and he decided to go with me. It was nice to have a kindred soul.

Nothing could have prepared me for the intensity of emotion as I approached the casket of Joe Paterno, or as I hugged his son, Scott, and thanked him for sharing his Dad with us for 60+ years.

Additionally, nothing could prepare me as I stood on College Avenue for over 3 hours–my feet taking the abuse from my Raynaud’s Syndrome–as I watched the blue bus with Sue, JayPa, and a horde of grandchildren roll before me in goodbye. As I waited for the passing of the bus, I spent the time laughing, bonding, telling stories with friends and coworkers. You can’t beat calling such a day good and full.

I can only hope the bus gets Joe home soon. Godspeed…


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