Bleu Burgers

Bleu Burgers, Spinach Salad, and Onion Rings

An interesting Saturday. Spent the morning pretending it was spa morning as well as negotiating my presence in a contract job. Keeping my fingers crossed for the outcome.

We went to go see “The Grey.” While I had a sort of idea what it was about, I didn’t realize I’d be cringing, shrieking, and cowering behind my hands so much. If you go, make sure you stay until the very end…after credits and all. I still prefer the wolves from “New Moon.” Just sayin’…

We had talked about going to Otto’s to split a pitcher of beer and pizza, but it’s the end of the month and we’ve been out more than budgeted. We came home to make dinner.

Tonight’s gourmet meal: bleu cheeseburgers and spinach salad with onion rings. Quick, simple, and delicious. One of these days, I really want to be able to cook for people who want to pay. It would be so gratifying. Until now, we just cook for ourselves. There is still uncut birthday cake chilling in the garage.

On a side note, I am quite blessed to have found some inspiration in these blogs, and I promise to carry my camera more and make better attempts at getting more meaningful and moving pictures. Tally ho!


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