February 6



My husband calls me at 11:45 today. He rarely calls anymore.


“I just wanted to say hi.”

“What do you want?”

“Nothing. Just wanted to say hi.”



“What do you want for dinner??”

He tries to plan ahead and take some work off my plate by figuring out what’s for dinner. I’m an INTJ and just can’t let him take control of such things. He’d put out some frozen chili. With this P90X thing, I’m really trying to follow this menu thing. We know how to do this thanks to young son’s intolerences. I made pizza margherita and it was quite fabulous. We even have leftovers.

It was a good day at work today. My faculty member turned over all content today and we had some really good discussion about engagement.

I lost $240 at the dentist today. It was supposed to be a cleaning, but I chipped my tooth by FLOSSING the other day. I hate when your budget takes a bad knock, especially when you are supposedly doing something good.

Although I was pretty tired today, I am feeling pretty great. I have tight muscles in places I never thought. They feel sexy (yes…deal with it…) Loving the #P90X. We start our second rotation tomorrow. I can’t wait for ALL my muscles to be tight.


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