The view outside my window this morning was surreal.

It was an intricate day. I don’t do details like my coworkers do and sometimes I feel incomplete because of that.

We had a team meeting this morning. I shared the fact that you can actually record a voice-over in PowerPoint from WITHIN PowerPoint. I consider myself an expert in PPT and NEVER KNEW THIS. Handy tool.

Kent shared a bunch of stuff with Captivate and our captioning service. I always wonder why things aren’t EASIER to do. Kent and Ravi are so open and they share so much. I need to reach beyond my introvert self. It is hard dealing with so much information in just one day.

Had a Staff Advisory Committee meeting today. We had a lady on the university-wide community and it sounded like we were so on top of things! I think we could blaze some trails.

Dropped my car off to get fixed by my friend Marcus. I’ve known Marcus since I have lived here. Almost 20 years. Marcus is one of my oldest local friends and I do love and trust him. If you ever need a mechanic, let me know. Marcus is the best.

When I was leaving from work, I hit the elevator button and had to wait. Since I work out in the mornings, I allow myself downward elevator time (bad, bad, bad). But, anyway, I was waiting for the elevator and there was a couple outside IST Building taking photos. The girl was slim, beautiful, and in a red coat. She was throwing snow in the air and was supposed to be excited about it. She had a dude taking pictures of this. While I waited, they took about three sets. Her red coat was like a flame against the white snow. I wished I’d been closer. Wish I had my telephoto. Lesson learned.

I end the day, tired…full of visions and revisions which a minute will reverse.

Check you all tomorrow, my wonderful friends. Good nite.


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