Friday, February 10

(delayed post)

On the Floor

On the Floor

Friday. What a really weird day.

Went to an Instructional Designers meeting first thing in the morning, which was very exciting. I got to operate the mute button on the telephone. Very important task. The new ID for JASI was at the meeting and it turned out to be very hard for me. She laughed and joked about all the acronyms. She shared how much she loved her job. And it broke my heart because I used to work at JASI, but they never needed me then. I moved on to expand my horizons, but I left behind a family. So my day turned into a funk and I couldn’t get out of it…even though I am in a much better place. I do miss all the acronyms. The big perk of the morning was that I was talking to a friend and was referred to in an aside as “eye candy” and as buff. I seriously can die happy now. Really.

So I go back to the office and my back is in a knot. So I close my door and lay on the floor. I’ve found the stretch where you wrap your leg over to the right and twist your upper body to the left does magnificent things with cracking my back. It’s good.  I lay on the floor, hoping for a crack, staring at the ceiling, looking for answers. Don’t know that I found any. Didn’t even find a crack. I’m still, apparently, buff, though.

A faculty member came in my office wondering how to update deferred grades, because supposedly, today was the last day to update them. My database grade then was due today. But my instructor had told me the deadline was the 15th. I sent him an email asking him what was up. He sent me my grade. I got an A.

I was supposed to go work out after work, since hubby is suddenly taking a break from P90X. I didn’t. Took my dad shopping, and that was an adventure. He had to drive because my car developed an issue with the right sway bar or something like that. (Ask my mechanic dude, Marcus…) I think my life passed in front of my eyes at least five times driving with him.

Hubby and I decided to go to Otto’s for dinner. My instructor (for the database) was there along with my boss’s advisor. An old friend from baseball was there looking for a threesome. The cleaning lady from our building was there along with a friend from the college next door. I can’t even begin to detail the conversations. It was an adventure to say the least.

Came home to watch a movie. My husband fell asleep. He always does.

Too bad. He was missing some serious eye candy from a buff chick.


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