amy and ravi

Amy and Ravi

Each month, my manager, Amy, takes our team out to lunch. It’s an incredibly extravagant event, and we all know it. We even battled against it for some time. But, the time we get to spend bonding with each other is priceless. The selfless act and time spent together is well worth it. I’m humbled each time we go out.

This month, we went to the Fuji and Jade Garden. I had never been anywhere like this before, and it was quite the adventure. Never seen anything quite like it….flaming cooktops, little boy water spray bottles, fresh food. It tasted divine.


Cooking it Up

At the end of the meal, everyone got a fortune cookie. I opened mine, and I had a piece of paper that was about .1 inches wide. There was not fortune on it. It was an extremely thin piece of paper. I pouted about it. Everyone told me to get another one. So I did. This time, I cracked open the cookie, and there was nothing in it. This was really messing with my mojo. I then decided to grab another on. This time, it had a fortune in it.  (It was so lame I forget what it said.)

On the instructional design front, I interacted with 3 faculty members. Faculty member #1 wanted to know about my database, how to use Twitter, and set up meetings for developing a class for the fall. I felt pretty important. Faculty member #2 wanted to leverage a bunch of new technologies to establish an instructional presence in his upcoming course. Another high point of the day! Faculty member #3 turned in a bunch of content that I critiqued and he was so totally open with adjusting it. I felt like I won all around.

I went to work out, though, and did not feel well. My chest felt funky and I felt incredibly tired. I don’t need instances like this as it will only fuel anxiety and promote me worrying about everything. Need to find some sort of central balance or something.


My Valentine

And finally, I got home, and my son had sent me a Valentine. I think this is the first card he totally bought on his own. I got to talk to him, later. He’s so excited about the upcoming baseball season. So am I. I’m hoping that the distance he has gives him an extra layer of bubble wrap as he goes out and pursues his baseball dreams.

Rock ’em, bud…


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