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ray of sun

ray of sun

I had a really strong dream this morning, and I did not want to wake up. In fact, I kept willing myself to go back to sleep so I could reinsert myself into it. It didn’t work.

The Mr. was getting ready to go off to work and the minute I got him out the door, I broke out P90X-KenpoX. I’m not a good boxer, and I doubt I ever will be, but the workout was good and hard. I even hooped for 15 minutes after. I then learned how to work my heart rate monitor and discover a new way to leverage my workouts. I made an egg and a slice of toast for breakfast. Before I knew it, it was noon, and the Mr. was coming home.

Today was my son’s first college baseball game, and it was very hard not being there to watch him or cheer him on. He texted after the first game–they lost. In the time when he was playing, I focused the Mr. on making some homemade deer sausage. This was much more complicated than we ever thought (both keeping him focused on not fretting about the game and making the sausage). Sausage-making was both good and frustrating. We spent an hour or two grinding and seasoning deer meat.   Sausage-making is a several day process. It was an adventure with the KitchenAid. My son texted later to let us know that he pitched in the second game and they lost again. I can’t begin to explain how intense my husband is regarding my son and baseball. Sometimes, it’s really hard to deal with. But, we made it through the day.

For dinner, we had grilled clams and artichokes. The simplicity of the meal only heightened the enjoyment of it. This was a really, really good meal.

After dinner, we spent a half hour with my son on speakerphone, watching the Bud shootout, hooting and hollering, hoping Dale Jr. would bring home the win. Dale Jr. has always been in the shadow of his father, and we love to cheer for him so. One of these days, just like Clint, he will step out in the sun, spread his wings, and really fly. One of these days, both of them will soar. I can’t wait.


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