My husband always asks me the night before I go to work, “What are you doing tomorrow at work?” It never fails. I say, “I don’t know.” And it is true. I mean, I have a general idea: I’m herding cats. But, I don’t know if Cat 1 or Cat 2 will get their content to me…Or if Cat 3 has her objectives in line. I don’t know what cutting edge technology will capture my attention and lead me down a path of inquiry. It’s hard to say what I will be doing, but I will be doing something. And today, of course, I did something.



Dinner tonight was frozen chili. I caved to the easy meal. After dinner, I got a moment to take a long, hot spa bath with Epsom salts. Way to rejuvenate.

No P90X today, but I did rock the AMT. Pushed for my heart rate to be higher and went longer, harder.

Tomorrow, it looks like there will be no P90X again, and I have to take my dad shopping. Bringing it at the gym. Remind me to wear my heart monitor.


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