Had a busy day today. First off, I remembered that we had a team birthday lunch today. So, I didn’t bring in any food. Unfortunately, the person whose birthday we were celebrating…her son was sick. I ate my back-up meal yesterday, so I had nothing. I hate being unprepared. We ended up going to the Cozy Thai. I had some Yum Chicken and Egg and it was to die for. I loved it. Loved it so much, I made pork fried rice for dinner…

PopPop takes on Walmart

PopPop takes on Walmart

Today, I found a lot of great instructional design/technology leads on the Web feeds/searches. I have decided I really like trap.it. Explored a citation site some. Lots of cool things out there. If you build it, will they come???

Took my dad shopping this afternoon. My goal is to get out of Walmart under 50 dollars. It doesn’t happen often anymore. My dad has an unappealing habit of chewing Skoal Bandits. However, they are never in when we go shopping. My dad always complains to the same dude (Ron) who mans the register. The dude finally got him in contact with management today. This is a picture of an interaction that lasted about 20 minutes–all for cans of Skoal. I don’t know.

My mother, God bless her soul, has been gone 10 years now. Becky, I know you are looking down over me, laughing your ass off. I miss you so much.

No fitness today, but we walked really fast to the Thai restaurant. It’s just not the same.


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