Recieved in an email today:

the only secret not for sale is us…..

Not sure where this came from—all we were doing was bitching about a contract job. But, damn, it’s poetic. It’s dark, silent, quiet, stealth, magical, enticing. Why don’t all my emails have poetry in them? This is a keeper.


When you send me emails in the future, they better be poetic!

Today. Today… Spent the morning cleaning out an old course that was old and geriatric. Was invited to lunch by an old, close friend, but because of time constraints, passed. Sad that we couldn’t fit it in.

Drupal Users Group Meeting



Went to Old Main for this meeting (passed by Schwab on the way). I took the elevator. Yes, that old, small, claustrophobic excuse of a vertical chariot.

There were about 8 people at the meeting. Bryan O. stopped in quickly to show his progress on elms. He has implemented some incredibly crazy, freakish analytics. You can be so specific as to see where students stop and replay a video. You can stop and see a student’s progress. Amazing stuff this guy accomplishes.



I go to these meetings and become a sponge. Andrew gave a brief on Etherpad Lite. Eric talked about importing WordPress blogs into Drupal. Incredible cutting-edge stuff from these folks. I don’t bring a lot to the table, but I feel like I learn so much.

Got back to the office and Bryan sent me a message. His car battery was dead and he had no cables. I went to bring his car back to life. Funny, how you know how things are supposed to be done, but you’ve never done it in real life. He was scared to do a jump in the rain. We didn’t know what to do when taking cables off a running car. We both learned a lot…including:

  • you should always keep an eye on your kid if he has your key fobs for your car (he potentially can pop your trunk and drain your battery);
  • practice makes perfect; and
  • don’t touch cable ends together whenever a car is running and charging the cables

I went to work out…but that turned into a fail. I’d like to say I forgot my sneakers, but I forgot my bra. Can’t exercise in a white t-shirt and a vivid Victoria’s Secret bra. (Is this TMI??) Unfortunately, had to pass…so I swooped through Target for some prescriptions and came home.

Some observations: Moving around across campus, I found some students who were actually aware of what was going on around them. They looked before they crossed the road, they weren’t texting all the time, and they cared about their context…much more than I expected.

At home: Mr. H. was in bliss today. His son spent a few hours working the baseball fields at PS Harrisburg. Young son also worked on pick-off moves and did toss. All without his father nagging on him.

Prayers to my cousin, who today, went through a double mastectomy. I can’t even imagine….

And now, here I am, all alone, laptop in my lap, trying to find poetry in the ether…


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