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Schwab Auditorium

Thursdays are rough. Every two weeks, I end up with double meetings. On this Thursday, I had three meetings. I don’t like meetings. I feel unproductive. But these meetings were okay.

The first meeting was our team meeting. Our staff assistant gave us an overview of Footprints–a program out IT group chose to keep track of issues/tickets. Our group is using it to assign tasks to our undergraduate force. It’s pretty straightforward, but we spent an hour dissecting how to name our tickets, protocols for priorities, best practices. It was good to discuss, but I’m sure I got caught rolling my eyes during the discussion once or twice. I don’t understand why some things that seem so simple become so hard. And I’m a spitting image of my mom. Everyone would always ask her what was wrong because she looked “pissed.” I have been blessed with the same affliction. I think overall, the discussion was necessary and we figured a few good things out. I just hope I wasn’t looking mean and evil.

The second meeting was for the IST Staff Advisory Committee. We meet every two weeks, which I think is more than the average PSU college committee. But we do very good things. This week, we hammered out upcoming events. We also recently decided to include the Dean’s staff support person in the meetings and she actually brings updates to our meetings from the Dean’s Office. It’s a stroke of genius. I think we are moving in positive ways with the committee. I scored a speaker for our next “SAC lunch.” Clint’s nutritionist who healed his migraines and neurological problems through holistic health will be coming to talk to us in a month and talk to us about a bunch of cool things. I can’t wait.

And finally, Ravi scheduled a meeting in my office (because I have the bigger office) to Skype with a lady from Washington who is looking to use Drupal to further her presence in a niche she already has solid control over. Kent was in the meeting as well. She and her web developer were there and spoke a bit to the project and it seemed a perfect fit for the ELMS system, so I jumped in and blathered about it. I knew I jumped in too soon and put the cart before the horse and Kent called me on it, stopping me and asking for details on the whole project. He was right to do so. I knew I was blathering and felt a bit like an idiot. I listened and he and Ravi explored this lady’s needs and requirements much more in depth. All I cared about was hooking her Drupal dude up with ELMS. I felt unsophisticated and less than eloquent. However, I felt it was essential to hook him up with the system…it seemed like something they would be able to leverage in a good way. The Drupal dude later connected with me on a few social platforms and I put him in contact with Bryan O. I have a feeling it will workout for them. The lady had great vision AND she had a Drupal developer (we don’t even have that!). It’s a win-win situation.

I worked out and used my heart monitor for the first time, looking at hitting my “range.” It was a good workout and felt good. Even with all the meetings, it ended up feeling like a very valuable and great day!


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