(Delayed Post)

I don’t have much to say about today. It was back to work. We had a team birthday event, which was very nice…but otherwise the day was quite vanilla. My one faculty member who was to have stuff to me on Thursday told me he’d have stuff to me on TUESDAY…nothing big.



My husband hates my hair. It’s long; it’s straggly. I’ve been doing things to knot/twist it up. Here’s a featured twist. I walked out with it at one point and he said, “Oh, you have it in a knot.” I sniffed and said, “No, Ron, it’s in a twist.” He laughed. We are like Todd and Margo from Christmas Vacation.

Watching the Daytona tonight. I cheer for Junior because my son loves Jr. I love Mark Martin. I always go for the old ones. I won’t care who wins the race until the race is won. Juan Pablo Montoya really did it up big, wrecking the truck drying the track, spilling jet fuel everywhere, and melting the surface for an hour or so. That man never has his head about him. What a race. What a day.

Next time my son pitches, it will be in Myrtle Beach, and I hope I get to see him.
Can’t wait to see him in person again.


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