Tuesdays are usually long days for me. Today was no exception. It was good though. I have faculty members getting me stuff, so I can actually concentrate and focus on bringing things to life. It was another beautiful winter day out…Yes…it was around 50 degrees.

studious me

studious me

Because I fell asleep watching the Daytona 500, which lasted into the wee hours of this morning, and left my contacts in, I decided to go contact-less for the day. I rocked the serious librarian look.

My dad had a stroke 9 years ago, and since then, he has lived in State College under my watchful eye. When he first got here, I was just a house-mom, and I worked running my husband’s construction business. However, things changed, and I began my career at Penn State, so we didn’t have the luxury of shopping during the day. Now, we most often shop on Tuesday afternoons. And it has to be Walmart. He refuses to believe you can get better deals at Giant. Walmart has brainwashed him. Every so often, though, I get a chance to show him where he’s getting ripped off. One of these days, I’ll get through.

So anyway, today was our shopping day. I’m not much of a good daughter anymore. I have a lot on my mind and a lot going on and our outings are not much more than a whirlwind shopping trip. I don’t talk much, and I should talk more, but at times, it just seems I have nothing to say. Today was a whirlwind day. We were done by 6. We didn’t talk much.

I got home to find dinner pretty much in the bag. That was another big thing about me going to work. My husband started doing like all the chores: laundry, vacuuming, cooking (when I would let him). It makes my life easier, and I truly do appreciate it. Today, I had sent him a recipe. He likes to do prep work, so I thought he would prep. Well, he prepped so well, that the potatoes were pretty much assembled by the time I got home. All I had to do was make a salad.

I got somewhat good news on the money front. A company I subcontract with is looking at putting in a bid for some work. No, it’s not a message saying I have work and will get paid for my wonderful talents, but at least it’s a bid and I have a chance of extra work, maybe, somehow, somewhere down the road. It’s a good thing. I have a kid to put through college, yet.

Overall, a blessed day. I am very thankful for it all.


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