(Delayed Post)

Leap Day.

Got in the office early only to see that Anonymous is calling me. I wonder what they want.

We had a sort of date night this evening. Went to Bill Pickles for a pitcher of Sam Adams and dinner. Afterwards, we went to see “The Joe We Know,” which is a movie created by former players of Joe Paterno. It was meant to be a belated birthday gift, but he passed away before they could show it to him. They debuted the movie in front of SuePa on her birthday, also Valentine’s Day. I imagine she cried. I did.

The movie was an extension of Joe’s memorial service. More stories of spaghetti dinners, promises of success, and integrity. The consistent repetition of morals and values could never be scripted. I laughed and I cried. If I’m being brainwashed, I can only hope that all brainwashings go this way…making you feel like every day you live could be filled with meaning and potential.

I could have sat through several more hours of the story. It resonates with me daily. And every day, when I go to work, I drive by the blinking yellow light above McKee Street. I look to the distance, say “Good morning” to Sue and send her a prayer. I hope God is looking out for her.


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