66/366: Sun, Sand, Baseball

Didn’t go to work today. Had important things to do. Had to continue cooking food to take to my son, who I will get to see in less than 24 hours. 

Did a bit of a spa this morning. Made sure my highlights were perfect; that I buffed, shined, shaved, whitened, and loofahed everything that needed. Tried on a bikini I haven’t worn in 3 years. I didn’t shriek in terror; so it’s possible, but I’m taking a one-piece just in case I chicken out. I’m pasty as all get out.

Took my dad shopping. Got all those last minute things you think you need, but you aren’t sure you need. We plan to eat in the whole time we are down in Myrtle. I don’t plan on bringing ketchup. I’m worried…should I?

The puppy knew something was up today. We’ve spoiled him relentlessly for the past few days. He took a few minutes to soak up some time on the chair this morning. He was very worried. He had a feeling he was going to the kennel. He was. He is. Poor puppy.

My son started…and finished…his second full college baseball game today. They were up at 6:30. The game was at 9. It was cool to see the pictures of sunrise from the team wash across Twitter. I kept watching Twitter, and at 11:50, one of his teammates tweeted that they got the win. Young son texted that he hit two batters, balked once, but still got the win. I asked him if he hit the mascot. He said he hit everything BUT the mascot. The team won 5-3. The team now has two wins on the road. They do great things together when the boy is on the mound. I hope to witness it in person.

This is the first time my son has been playing baseball without us watching in person. It’s almost like it really works for him. Usually, he’s hurt or stressed or both. But now, he seems to be just playing and having fun. And I am so proud of him. He pitches on Friday and we will be there. I almost wish we were not. I don’t want to be his jinx.

So, tomorrow, we head down south. This is our first vacation in awhile. I got to go to Philly twice this past summer for conferences, and minus the bedbug incident, I had a blast. I’m not sure how this adventure will go because I won’t be solo, but we’ll see. And they better watch out, because I WILL be looking for bedbugs. Bastards.

Anyway, heading to bed now. Guess we are up and outta here around 4. Looking forward to the soothing sand, sun, and baseball. Wish me luck.


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