67/366: Myrtle Beach-Day One

Made the 10-hour trip to Myrtle Beach today. We left around 5. Saw lots of interesting things. First, we saw strings of grouped lights on Bald Eagle Ridge heading through Tyrone and Altoona. We weren’t sure what they were. (You’ll find out later…) On our way south, we saw trees in bloom, blossoming daffodils, and all kinds of signs of spring.

The most startling part of the trip was in the Carolinas. We took some back highway to get from one major highway to another. I didn’t like the Carolinas to begin with. They were scrubby. There are all these tall evergreens or pines of some sort shooting up all over the sky, and then it’s flat and there’s a bunch of scrub brush. Then you have house plots, one on top of another. One minute, you have an incredibly rich beautiful house on a manicured lot, and right next door there’s a shanty box house made of planks with tinfoil in the window out of the early 1900s. It made no sense to me. It was a bunch of startling juxtapositions.

When we got to our destination, they put us in a horrid room. Eventually, they moved us to a better room with a partial view of the ocean. The priceless part of the day was cooking spaghetti for the boy and reconnecting with him. He’s the one who pointed out the moon shining from the sky down onto the sea. I didn’t capture the beauty in all its grandeur.

The boy went  back to his resort around 10. We sat and listened to the ocean.

The ocean is really loud.


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