68/366: Myrtle Beach Day Two–Fail

Got up early to watch the sunrise. It’s hard watching the sunrise behind a building. But it worked.



Talked the mister into grabbing a Starbucks and walking on the sand. It was nice. It was beautiful. I took my camera. I took my iPhone. I came home with a bunch of cheap-ass shells, my camera, and i lost my iPhone. Apparently people knew the impact of the situation, because I didn’t get much crap about it. This was over $600 down the drain. All the times I’ve lectured my son to take care of his stuff….here it was, slapping me in the face. I am an idiot. I am an idiot.

There was never a better reason to drink a Molson at 8 o’clock in the morning, and I have to admit, it tasted okay. Might have tasted better if I had my phone.

Went to see my son’s ball team play for the first time. Had my Canon and my telephoto, so life was good. Couldn’t communicate with the world at all. That was bad. Got to meet all the characters on the team, and they did not fail to entertain, amuse, impress. What a good bunch of kids. Unfortunately, the boys lost.

On our way home, we went through an unfortunate part of town where you could tell people were living on the street. There were tents in a park, and clothes hanging on lines in the woods waiting to dry. This state really disturbs me. Resorts and golf courses all around, but people without homes. What is wrong with this picture?

We decided to take the boy out for dinner instead of cooking. We had spaghetti last night, and tomorrow, he is pitching and will have a double header. We won’t be done until late. We ended up at The Sea Captain’s House. It was a little pricey, but the food was divine. Clint had a steak, and me and the mister had crab cakes. I ended up spilling an entire glass of wine down the front of me. Bad stars looking down on me all day. All day. What did I do to upset the gods?

The boy stayed for a few minutes after coming back, but bolted quickly. We sent him home with oranges and cheesecake tonight.

We sat on the balcony after he left, only to be inundated with wafting marijuana smoke-we think from the balcony below. Couldn’t get the hubby to go to the hot tub. He went to bed, and I tormented people on Facebook. The spud plays ball tomorrow. Can’t wait.


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