69/366: Myrtle Beach-Day 3

Another early morning. Woke up to a beautiful sunrise, but after the sun almost peeked out, it was like a blanket was thrown across the sky. Luckily, I got some vibrant photos from the early morning.

seagulls and cheetos

seagulls and cheetos

Some idiot was feeding Cheetos to the seagulls of his/her balcony. What are people thinking?

We walked to the store to buy storage containers for fruit. We had bought pineapple and cantaloupe for the boy and needed a way to send it to his hotel with him.  After we got back, young son came over for breakfast. He had spaghetti, fruit, and salad. He took the containers of fruit home with him.

The final games were at 3 and 6. They needed to be on the bus at 1. He was scheduled to pitch the late game, but somehow got shifted to the early game.

After breakfast, hubby and I went in search of Bloody Mary. We found her. And I got hubby in the hot tub. He said he’d never been in one before. REALLY? He didn’t stay in long, and I also hit the outdoor pool. It was warm enough for some brief swim. We walked some more on the beach. No iPhone. Imagine that. 😦

Got to the fields and I FORGOT MY TELEPHOTO LENS. Young son pitched the first game. Had my video camera. IT WAS NOT CHARGED. Dark cloud of doom kept following me. It didn’t matter, because I got to watch my son pitch. And he was like a ballerina. Making all the right moves with just the right amount of finesse.

In high school, there was a parent who was annoyed by all the videos and photos I took and posted. He wrote for the local paper and even wrote an article saying how what I did was excessive and that I wasn’t living “in the moment.” I disagreed with him as my lens allowed me into private and intimate places. However, I thought of him as I watched an unadulterated game of my son. I would have much rather had a telephoto lens.

the pitcher

the pitcher

My son pitched a fine game and even stopped when he needed. The boys won. And they moved onto game two. Unfortunately, things didn’t play out as well, and they lost 11-0. I saw a few ugly things go down during this game and felt that a team that doesn’t respect itself won’t get much respect at all. You have to work for respect and earn it. They will learn.

Young son came over after the game and ate dinner. I cooked up some loaded ham/swiss baked potatoes. He stayed til 10:50. His curfew was 11. He hugged and kissed us and went off into the night.

He left us feeling sad and alone.


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