The touch of soft, firm lips set off a spark and spring dawned inside after a long and dreary darkness.

Friday started out with clouds.

I went in to work at 7. It was a busy day chock full of meetings.

The 9 am meeting was downtown. Ravi and I walked down to the Rider Building to share an hour with our fellow Learning Designers. Jeff shared a TED Talk about the Shape of a Presentation, which I found pretty cool. It’s funny, when you get into a room where you know you are supposed to talk, you get all tongue-tied and unsure. Okay. Maybe it’s not you. But it’s me. I much prefer to listen to everyone and their insights because when I say something, it just feels like I go in circles and tend to babble. Number one reason why I have never given a presentation and I wonder if I ever will. I love being around people with such wit and experience. Rushed back for my meeting at 10.

Met with Irene and Ed for our IST 594C class. We ended up talking more about the logistics of the class, calling up project leads to give a better scope of the class, because apparently nobody has their arms around it yet. One minute it spans 2 semesters as a 2/1 credit break…but it wasn’t supposed to start in summer, but now it starts in summer, but nobody told anyone and we have to go back and take a look at the first semester of the course. Sometimes lack of communication and vision between different levels of our organization…from college…all way to university…just baffles me.

At lunch, we went to a gaming session on using a Sim-City-like game for and Econ class at PSU. It was pretty incredible. I asked about the process, and they said the whole process took about 8 months. From going to the faculty, getting the content, and crafting the game. It was pretty impressive. If we could get faculty to buy into such a game, it would be quite incredible. The Gaming Team mentioned that something like this would be excellent for IST. I know Ravi and Kent were excited. I’m still trying to think of a way EA might incorporate into the game.

I made my way out of work early to go workout, do some shopping, take my dad some soup, and got home by five. The temperatures of this early spring remind me of a tepid swimming pool. I could just sit out and float in the glow for hours upon hours. I walked around every inch of the yard, eyeing up new growth, changes from the winter, and soaked in the sun. The basset seemed to enjoy the evening as well.




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