I go into work every day with the goal of 7 am. Without lunch, that means I can leave by 3…but I don’t. It is usually around 5.

This morning, I had the added bonus of fire alarm testing, which scared the hell out of me. Luckily, I’ve been through it before. I knew the tick sound that would precede the all-out blazing alarm sounds. I knew I could cover my ears.

This afternoon, my husband texted me that there was a PSU game at 3:30 today, I told him I’d be there at 4. I was there at 3:45. I’d put in enough hours for the week. By then, one of the PSU players hit a 3-run home run–we were already in the lead.

As I watched the team, I realized how challenging baseball is at any level, any day of the week. Both teams had slow pitchers, several errors, and inconsistent hitting. Just because they were single-A as opposed to triple-A, I couldn’t see how they were any better than PS Harrisburg. The boys from Harrisburg could challenge these boys any day, and I hope they realize that. They need to look deep inside themselves and find that confidence to succeed.

Young son pitches on Friday, then he turns around and starts the conference opener on April 1. These boys–(young men)–can hang with the best of them. I hope they pull together and become a team. Only then will they find their heart and win.


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