I woke up at 4 this morning, worrying about everything.

Woke to dream 1: Roof of a Sam’s Club-like building caved in under water/flood and took out all my electronics: my laptop, my new iPhone, people…everything… Woke up.

Went back to sleep. Woke to dream 2: I was on the ledge of a large building that looked over a canyon. There was something on the horizon that I wanted to see, so I stepped toward the edge and overstepped the edge. My right foot fell into nothingness, my left foot was on the ledge. I looked all the way down and saw nothing but depth. Part of me wanted to launch forward, the other part wondered what it would take to fall, twist, lift my body so that my arms could cling to the edge. I wondered if the 2 people talking behind me would be able to save me. I started to fall forward. And then I woke up. This dream has plagued me all day.

Went to the TLT Symposium (#tltsym12) and learned lots of new and cool things (will expand later). Had a hard time interacting with people. Felt like a raw nerve all day. Best part was spending time after the Symposium with the bad, snarky kids. Heard great stories. Laughed so hard that beer blew out my nose–so embarassing, but it was worth it. It’s good to laugh.

Returned home. My husband was pouting that I was gone all day. My son is offering up veiled threats similar to his senior year on the social networks. I feel like I’m falling toward the canyon again. Not where I want to go.



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