The raw nerve thing continues.

Had a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato for breakfast. Get over it.

Had to finish up taxes, but went to Target to pick up a prescription. Got some asparagus at Wegmans. Deposited a check or two. Went to Lowes to buy seeds. Tempted to buy pansies. I knew better.



Came home.

Grudgingly went upstairs to finish taxes. Finished taxes. Called tax lady. She is the most terrifying woman to me. Said she could fit me in on Tuesday to see what we could do about getting grant money for the boy.

Watched hubby and father go to battle over testosterone. Saw Tiger win. Saw Smoke win. Saw my son in meltdown. I don’t know what happened, but he’s as raw a nerve as me.

Watched “Tower Heist.” Cute movie.

Now scanning the ether for some glimmer of life. There isn’t one. Trying to figure out how to erase all the raw nerves. Don’t have the time and energy for that.

This Saturday is the tryouts for the anthems for the Spikes. I think I have done this for 6 years in a row. Every time, they turn me down, but tryouts haven’t been at the mall since the first time I tried. Hoping that this is the year it happens.

What I would give to sing the National Anthem at the Spikes. Really.

Would you come listen?


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