My mom was born 69 years ago today. It’s hard to believe because she died 11 years ago in August 2001. It seems just like yesterday.

I have been categorized as an INTJ, so I’m not a very outgoing gal…although many of you in the ether would like to claim otherwise. I usually want to be left alone. And I am. It suits me well. So today I reflect for about the millionth time on the passing of my mom. I miss her, but I don’t know that if life should or would be any different if she were still around. I’d probably still be hiding from her, like I always did.

My son’s baseball team won two today. I’m dedicating those wins to her. She loved baseball. Always did. I don’t know that I love it more, but I know that I love that I’m involved more. And for that, I am glad. She gave me a gift or two and I will never forget that. She gave me more than she will ever know.

I love you mom. I miss you more.


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