It’s been forever.

Lots of things going on.

Young Son

  • Wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay in Harrisburg or come to UP.
  • Wants to stay in Harrisburg, but at a really expensive place.
  • Having issues with his grades.
  • Coming home for summer in the next week.
  • Offered an internship as a CAD designer for 40 hours/week at a local company.
  • Makes me realize that my years in college never did this to MY parents, but then, I have to wonder if they DID.


  • Started new job.
  • Enjoys new job.
  • Has about 10 subcontracting jobs to complete.
  • Worn out from all the jobs.


  • Adapting to hubby’s new hours.
  • Trying to figure out the meaning of life.
  • Surrounded by inmates.
  • Proud of young son.
  • Juggling lots of stuff.
  • Randomly worn out.

The past few weeks have been about navigating the self. What makes a person happy…what makes a person feel valuable. It’s about looking to the inside. Our family is a family of introverts. It makes it very hard to navigate life sometimes. We do it; but, with pain points. We much rather prefer to absorb now and act later. Actively researching introversion in the educational front…

This post is more of an “act now and absorb later” kind of thing. We adapt as we move along. Hope you don’t mind.


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