It was a long day today. Lots of stuff going on.

First, I got up at 5 and got on the gazelle. It was rough. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’m not getting my heart rate up where it should be. While my music is good and groovy, it isn’t power music. We’ll give it another try and see how it goes. I need to get my groove back.

Today was “Take Your Son/Daughter to Work Day.”  The first thing I did was to help one of my coworker’s daughter create a Prezi. It started a little rough at first, but then we got rolling.

When creating a Prezi, you need to develop an outline and your story first. Then, you really need to get engaging images. You need to tell your story with images, videos, interactive media…not bullet points. Then, you need to get a gentle navigation going. Don’t kill people with roller coasters. I enjoyed helping her and I hope she liked my help. She seemed to grasp the overall concept in general, so she made it easy on me.

Next, we had the OIDI team meeting. We talked Drupal, mobile, and other in-depth things. We will be meeting with Bryan O. in two weeks about pain points and wants for Drupal. Ravi and Ken went nuts with their wish lists, including asking for integration with Second Life. Bryan is going to kill us, but at the same time, the ideas and energy from these two is inspiring. Never hurts to dream.

I had another conversation about #iststartup and sent along three critical recommendations:

  • Involve staff.
  • Involve distance students.
  • Wrap up  the event with staff and faculty via newsletter.

Recommendations were well taken.



Then there was the seminar on learning analytics and why #Pearson sucks. Very good stuff from three really intelligent guys.

And then there was the other work with wrapping up development and herding cats. Same story, different day.

I managed to score a free pretzel for National Pretzel Day. #ftw

Hubby got his first paycheck and I made him take me to Champs. I had the Clubhouse and a glass of Attwater Vanilla Creme whatever it is incredibly tasty beer.

The boy is coming home tomorrow. He has an interview for his internship on Monday.

And I have a summer full of double work on the horizon.

Life is…good? Maybe this is why I am soooo tired.


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