128/366 ?

So, I’m not sure what day I’m on anymore. And I care. It just gets too hard to figure out.

Big news on the family front.

Well, first of all: baseball and college are over. Young son made it through his first season in a long time without getting hurt. But he did. He has an appointment this week to look into some condition where an artery in his arm/neck is being pinched and when he pitches, his hand swells. Folks…repeat after me: “BUBBLE WRAP.” I’ll let you know where this goes.

About 3 weeks ago, young son was approached by a man he met at a Christmas party to apply for a mechanical engineering internship. He was terrified. We guided him through the application/resume process and he got the job. I’m not shocked. Today was his first day. He’s working out at Spectrum in State College. In the lobby, apparently they have an aerial shot of the facilities. There is a baseball field named for Spectrum adjacent to their facilities. As young son was looking at the photo, he couldn’t help but notice his dad’s truck that was parked at the Babe Ruth fields.  (I swear to God, some day, I will be the queen of the Babe Ruth fields, just like Jim and Bonnie Winder shepherd the Williamsport fields. Please make this happen!)

Both of my boys have new, full-time jobs. Both of them were in bed by 9. This may work out pretty well. I’m enjoying the quiet time and I hope to talk to you all more.

View out of the spud’s window at work

Have a great night.


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