I was very fortunate to have a four-day weekend this week. I unfortunately spent a decent chunk of it plowing through the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy. While it was entertaining, it certainly wasn’t worth my time.

And don’t get me wrong, I would love to find my own personal Christian Grey, but I know he doesn’t exist. No more than Edward Cullen. In fact, if I had to lay money on the odds of coming across Edward Cullen or Christian Grey, I’d put my money on Edward. Hell, even the thought of considering laying any money on either one already puts me out there…way out there (please forgive me) …

Regardless, there is something about the transformation of reality and the wish, that sometimes, you would be able to find yourself somewhere cherished, entranced by the deep gaze of someone who revered you so much that without you, life would cease. Yeah. That would be nice.  But this is life. It’s real and it’s hard. There isn’t any novel forthcoming. Not in the near future. And time is precious.

Catch you laters, baby.


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