I just started …

233/365 – I just started week 5 of a couch-to-5K program on my iPhone. The previous 4 weeks, all the workouts have been the same for the week and I have been a little grumpy/in pain. So day one of week 5 had me doing a 5 minute warmup, jogging for 5 minutes, walking for 3, jogging for 5, walking for 5, then walking for 3, and cooling down for 5. Tolerable.

I head out this morning, expecting the same…only to find I am running much further than I anticipated–much further. Turns out that today’s routine involves running 2 stretches of 8 minutes. I never have run that far on the road ever without stopping. The next endeavor involves 20 minutes of running straight. what happened to the same workout three times a week??!!

I can do this. With music. Only. Can’t do it without the sirens. Wish me luck.


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