As I’ve said before, I think too much…I don’t write, relate, or record nearly enough. So, I’m working toward being better with this social stuff.

I’ve been running lately. Trying to do a Couch-2-5K. This week 5 shook things up and I went from running for 5 minutes to 20 minutes within a span of 3 days. It wasn’t the most graceful thing, but I did it. I find my social network is proving to be a great source of inspiration. I’ve also found if you have crap music on your playlist, you won’t survive. As I’m running up a modest hill, praying just to get to the top, I find Billy Idol rocking the “Cradle of Love” is quite motivating.

My son heads back to college this Saturday, and I’m conflicted. He’s been home for 4 months, and it’s been wonderful. He’s cooked; he’s cleaned; he’s made me laugh. I’ll miss him…a lot.

I’m also having some lively conversation with my coworkers about the Sandusky scandal. I can’t share all that here in one post, but here is a picture of the land that was supposed to house the Second Mile new place of excellence.

All it is now is dust and memories. That’s too bad. Many kids could have benefited. I can’t wait to have this all play out and be done. We need to cut the cancer out. We need to focus on what’s best for the victims and the kids.

Keep on running!


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