My shins hurt. My ass hurts. But, I think it’s okay. I iced the shins this morning. (Did not ice the ass…) I weighed a number I haven’t seen in a while this morning. But then 10 minutes later it fluctuated by 5 pounds and made me heavier, but I’ll take it.

I told my husband I ran 3.14 miles today, but I didn’t tell him where. He’d be mad that I was out on major roads with major traffic and off roads with minor traffic. He’d worry someone would abduct me. Yeah, go ahead and let them. I’m toxic. I wasn’t supposed to run that far, but I had the luxury of extra time this morning, so I decided to break out on a new route today. It was really nice. I actually stood at the break of my loop and fought with where I would go. I chose the uncharted path. Thankfully, my boss allows such flexibility.

It was liberating to break out on the new path. To run against heavy traffic and to explore somewhere new. By no means did I run all the way, but I did better than I ever had. But that’s just today and my shins really hurt. On the inside. Not sure what that is about. My friend, Jeff, runs all the time. His shirts rub him wrong, and so does the wind. I’m glad I’m not him. But at the same time, I wish I was!

I have a lot more to say, but it’s all trapped in my head. I’ll figure it out tomorrow in the shower, but I doubt you’ll find it posted here. I’ll work on it. Don’t know what’s planned for the morning. We will see when we get there. ‘Nite all. See you on the flipside!


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