It’s been a rough few days.

I have some things going on that are testing my emotional stamina, and I also have things that require an extra amount of time and effort on my part. It’s hard to get through all that when it’s so hard to focus.

I usually get into work around 7 and leave around 5. That’s a 10-hour day and I’m only supposed to be doing 8. Today, I figured, I would leave on time, and, instead of running on campus, I would go run at home. I got home at 4:30, fed and watered the basset, and headed out for a run.

Thanks to my coworker, Peggy, she asked if I was running after work as we left the building today. I wasn’t feeling it, but as she talked about her karate for the evening, I told her that I would go home and run for her. And I did.

So, there I was…wondering where to run. I hate running on main roads out by my house. The speed limits are around 40-45. It’s more like 60. So, we have a new park “around the block from us,” and it was rumored there was a walking path that led to it. I left a note for my husband (because you never know if someone, upon seeing me, might abduct me): “Seeing if there is a path from here to Bernel Road Park. I’ll be home by 5:30.”

There was a path. And it was very nice. I did my warm-up walk through some houses to make my way to the dead-end road that led to the path. It was supposed to be covered with rubber pellets, but instead it was pine needles and wood chips. It smelled divine. It felt like I was in the middle of nowhere, (but on my way back, I saw back porches through the trees.)

I ran down the pine needle path and found myself up against a corn field.

through the cornfield

As I made my way to the park, I chased down a rabbit and saw strange metal contraptions in the field. Turns out, the metal things are for frisbee golf. Once I got to the park, there was a splendid tarred path to run around. It was a bit hilly, and I found myself walking more than I intended. I made the loop around the park and headed home. Running back through the pine trees, I felt like the vampires in “Twilight” or some wild doe, trying to escape the hunt. It didn’t matter that I was going up and over hills–I ran in stride as if my life depended on it. It felt good.

I returned home to pick the basset up for my cool down. We took a quick spin, and then I stretched and hula-hooped in the sun with my puppy at my side.

I find it a daily fight to go out and run…Too many voices saying that it’s easier not to.

Thanks to Peggy for her little nudge before I got out of the building, and the daily reminder from Jeff, whether he gives it or not, that this is something good.

Today, I ran on pine needles.  I look forward to doing it again.


2 thoughts on “268/365

  1. I love the way you capture the mood of your run here. “Today, I ran on pine needles.” Magnificent imagery melding your mood with your surroundings. Thanks for sharing Stormy.

  2. If you hadn’t gone up home and ran through the Allegheny National Forest on pine needles, I wouldn’t have been so jealous enough to try and match the experience. 🙂 (it was very nice though—thanks for sharing your experience first—i really may never have considered it.) Next thing is running in the rain…

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