21/365 – Buried

I’m one of those people who tend to do better in life when they are buried by a million things. I guess it helps me keep things organized and on track. So, I’m taking two courses this semester, shepherding 6 online courses for IST, and doing all that other stuff I do in general: serve on committees, workout, herd cats, manage huge projects, and write blogs.

I’ve finally got my bearing about me this semester (I think). I’m three weeks into my classes and seem to have them under control. I’m heading to a conference in Virginia in another two weeks, so I’m a little terrified to see if I can still keep it in line. As a side note, I haven’t been to a conference in a while. I don’t like to fly just because of the hassle, and I’ve had enough encounters with bedbugs that I just don’t look forward to sleeping in a foreign bed. But, this conference is close enough to drive and it’s so remote, bedbugs shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll look though. I just hope the weather holds up so the drive isn’t bad and I hope I keep my focus so I keep up with my class.


You gotta love the jet bath

Today was the first day in 23 days when I really didn’t notice any pain from my encounter with concrete. I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill some. I can’t tell you how gooood it felt. The fire in my lungs and occasional tweaks in my knees made me appreciate my mortality and age. At least I was there, running, and feeling the effects. I appreciated the pounding of my heart and the rhythm of my feet. I would have stayed there longer, but I’m getting flak from the other half about being out too late. I have to be home by 6. Not sure what that’s about, but it motivates me to get to work early, in the dark of the morn, so I can get out early while the sun is still bright and run.

My friend Brian, who has not failed to send me a birthday card for about–what is it–26 years (?) sent me one for my latest and greatest and said he enjoyed keeping up with me via this blog. (Happy belated birthday, to you…) Apparently, this isn’t total crap and some of us are getting some enjoyment out of it. So…as with all the other stuff I have going on, I’m making sure to schedule time to blather about all this stuff and make a meaningful contribution to the world.

I also want to say in my current INSYS class this semester, we are learning about cognitive apprenticeship, authentic learning, and a bunch of really cool, cutting-edge, relevant theories regarding education. Really cool stuff. My question to all of it would be: “what do you do with the person who is intimidated by all this culture/collaboration/ community stuff?” Because, folks…that’s me. It’s kind of baffling. But, here I am.


Dad’s new puppy-CJ

Anyway, tonight was a bit of a dump–unstructured, but ‘out-there’ kind of post. I just wanted to be ‘present’ I guess. I’m shopping with my dad tomorrow, so I hope any irritation I brought on to my joints has a day to rest up. I’ll have to tell you about his new dog one day…Not a story for tonight.

The big message for tonight is I can’t wait to get running again. Shocker. Keep it all in line. Keep it all in line. Don’t let the monkeys bring you down…Just because you’re buried, doesn’t mean they’ve won.


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