I get overwhelmed easily.

So easily, that in fact, I can get sidetracked from blogging for about a month. I have so much spinning in my head, that I just need to take everything and pretend it’s a dart in my hand…I just need to unleash it and let it go. But, I don’t. Then, I sit and think about it. And the more I think about it, the more I let it get away.

I have to stop doing that.

So…let’s see where we are right now.

After much medical attention to my knees, it appears that they have healed up to an extent. Not after I have incurred ridiculous charges for checking it out. (I’m still so mad about that.) Target has yet to let me know if they plan on helping me out at all. They had to see if they were really liable or not. Clumps of snow and ice on a store approach…hellooooo…there’s such thing as a snow shovel and salt.

I attended a conference in Blacksburg, Virginia 10 days ago. It was really awesome. It was free! Well, the conference fee. I had to pay travel and lodging, but it was really good. I’ve been to two really large educational conferences and this seemed to offer so much value. Really intimate, and the sessions were really informative. Check it out: http://www.cider.vt.edu/conference/ You can’t beat it. A big achievement at this conference for me was that I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried to connect with some people. Not something I am used to, but I had some good experiences, so it was nice.

On another note, though, the two big conferences I attended before were both in Philly, and I’ve decided I love Philly. I missed the ability to walk out my door and see/experience great things. There is something going on in Virginia where they don’t light their buildings on the outside and you can’t find where you want to go. I tried to go to a local brewery one night. I passed it THREE times and when I got there, there was no lighting in the parking area. I then tried to grab a bite at a local pub and could NOT find the entrance. It was sleeting, so I just gave up then.



My dad got a new dog over a month ago and he brought him to my house today. For those of you who don’t know me, I own a big lug of an 11-year-old sweet basset hound. My dad’s dog was raised in a house with two pit bulls who constantly attacked him. He’s a little dachshund, but totally beat up my Wilson. I feel so bad for him tonight. He didn’t understand how a little rat could come into his own house and attack him.

I’m taking 2 courses towards my masters this semester. One course is on designing constructivist learning environments. I turned in my first lesson plan last week on teaching for understanding Twitter. I was totally terrified. We had to present in class, and I did. And I actually thought I did well. But then, after I left class, I again felt terrified. About 5 comments from peers later, it seems I have done a good job. I hope so. I am supposed to run the plan in two days when I teach a group of high school counselors about Twitter!

So. I hope to get back on track again, but it’s going to be hard to stop the erratic out-of-control spinning I’ve allowed to go on. Patience. If we all have some patience, maybe I will get this back on track. Thanks for putting up with me.  🙂

On a side note, I made some bread today. This is a good sign. I haven’t had the time to do some thoughtful cooking lately. This stuff was divine! Make sure you all keep me posting and in line!


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