50/365-New Directions

Today was an intersection of many things.

I created a lesson plan based on constructivist design principles to teach students to understand Twitter. Today, I taught that lesson plan. And the students gave feedback.  You see, I am using this lesson plan to develop a conference on social media for high school counselors. But, I’ve never taught or crafted lesson plans. I’ve never had the opportunity!

My instructor graded the blueprint and gave me 15/15. She said it looked really good in print. However, I watched the course play out in action today. I saw students struggle. I saw moments of downtime. So, while it all looks good on paper, it may not be the best live. Which cycles back to me building on what I learned today to make it more meaningful for the students. It’s just kind of crazy to think about, but it’s so incredibly organic and live!

I loved interacting with motivated pupils. I loved to see what worked and didn’t work. This is the ultimate testament to the success of the design and implementation. Crazy, baby…just crazy.

Additionally, today, we hosted a Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) function welcoming new employees (hence the donut picture). The donuts were in my office all morning and it about killed me to smell them. I ended up eating two, which was not a good thing. It’s always good to welcome new peeps into our team. It’s also sad to see them go.

Also found out I was nominated for a Women of Distinction Award for the College for my service. I’m very humbled and honored. It’s always nice to see your name on a list of recognition. I strive every day to support those around me. Really reaffirms that what you are doing is the right thing. Here’s to a donut-free Wednesday! Enjoy!


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