I work with some incredibly wonderful people. They are visionary, spirited, wonderful. Some days I feel I pale in comparison to them. Today was one of those days. I was in a funk for most of the day, and it was noticed.

Note to self, you MUST…MUST work on a professional poker face. Even if you aren’t pissed, you have inherited your mother’s genes and EVERYONE thinks you are pissed. I am not. Really. Really!

I get to see my son in two days. I can’t wait. When everything else in the world may be chaotic, there is the constant fact that my son loves me and he’s an awesome pitcher. He loves baseball. Doesn’t matter where we are or what we do…he just does it. Yes. I’m biased.

Just don’t look pissed…don’t look pissed! Everything is good! Really! I blame Becky for it all. Ask my son, he will tell you, I look mad all the time. I’m not. Really.

Here’s to some good baseball. I blame Becky for that, too!


One thought on “58/365

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