Today was my first day of a vacation. I cooked for my son most of the day. Ham-stuffed potatoes…brownies…cookies…you name it.

As for the whole semester at work, not much has gone on.  It’s been pretty quiet. Today, however, I received three emails indicating issues in my online courses. They were quickly rectified, but really…three emails in one day—after a relatively quiet start?


look at those knobby knuckles!

I am heading to the beach and for whatever reason, I did my nails. I don’t do my nails. It feels unnatural. But, I’ll tell you, everyone on Facebook and Twitter is getting a mani- or a pedi-…Not sure how long this will last. Maybe I should have stripes or flowers or sparkles. What do you think?

My son called tonight to ask me about
his red throat with the white spots down the back. I told him he better get it checked out. That was the last thing a baseball mom wants to do.

I seem to recall we’ve done this before and 1/4 times it is strep. I may or may not be reporting from Myrtle Beach in the next few days or so. I hope I am. Stay tuned!


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