We started our trip to Myrtle Beach today.

My morning was spent finishing up cooking. Amazingly enough, I only had to go out for one trip to Bellefonte. I took the bassett to the kennel, washed my car, went to the grocery store, got beer, stopped at the bank, and even grabbed lunch all in one outing. Less than two hours. Not one foot set in State College.

We set out for Fredericksburg, VA, exactly at 2 o-clock. All went pretty well. Except for around Baltimore. And Washington. It was hell. Too much traffic. Too little light.

We made it to the hotel around 8. I did my bedbug check. We were clean.

It is quite uncharacteristic for Mr. Hicks to want to do anything past 8, but somehow I talked him into going to the Blue and the Gray Brewing Company. In the tradition of Virginia, the place was located in some industrial park with no lighting whatsoever. However, it was the first Friday of the month and they had a little Irish performing troupe.


It was very simple and quaint. Certainly, not as engaging as our local Otto’s Pub and Brewery, but nice. In Pennsylvania, they will give you a sample of the beers to see if you like them enough to order them. However, in Virginia, I guess they can’t do that. I decided to go for the Fred Red. Mr. Hicks went for the Classic Lager.


The Fred Red seemed intense at first, but ended up being very well-rounded and easy on the pallete. Mr. Hicks went for another and I went for a sampler of their Chocolate Raspberry Stout. It was very good.


Foodwise, Mr. H. went for the burger and I went for some plain wings with sauce on the side. Their waffle fries were to die for.

It was a nice night out. In fact, the only moment of peace we would have on the whole trip.



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