We got up early and ate at a Bob Evans Restaurant. It was pretty gross, but we got on the road to head to Myrtle.


I’ve traveled this way before, and the last time I came here, I was practically mortified. It was like a mixture of Deliverance and Beverly Hills. Nowhere have I seen so many dilapidated houses next to houses of extreme wealth. This time, it didn’t seem as shocking, but it still gives one pause.




The only horrific experience of the trip was when in Richmond on the main thoroughway through the city, it went down to one lane. We diverted from our path for a bit, but it was totally worth it. We still lost an hour.

The boys’ game was at 4. We checked into the hotel at 3. Amazingly/coincidentally…young son’s room was only 2 doors away. The hotel has like 16 floors. Those of you who know me will say I plotted this. Those of you who know me would know that I would brag about this. This was sheer coincidence.

We got there to find out the boy was sick.


The game was incredibly long and lasted until about 7:30. By then the temperature had dropped to about 30. The boys lost. The boy didn’t get back til 9. I made a spicy General Tso’s chicken stir fry. He swore he loved it. He ate it all. But he was very sick.

The coach said he could stay with us, but made him check in at the 11 p.m. curfew. At 11:05, we were all asleep.


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