IMG_2017Today was our only full day in Myrtle Beach. We walked on the beach for 20 minutes in the morning. I was not allowed to bring my iPhone because last year, it somehow disappeared on me while walking on the beach. We made a nice breakfast of eggs and bacon for the boy, then he had to go to the games. Today was double-header day.

In the time after he left, I made him some sandwiches for him to eat during lunch (which he didn’t eat…)

His illness consisted of something like strep and a cold. He was full of snot. His throat was red. He coughed all the time. We left for the fields around 11. We didn’t get back until around 6.

He pitched the first game, but he was sick and you could tell. In his first inning, he let someone hit a homerun. IMG_1953It’s like rote for the kid. And he never lets it phase him. He handled himself with grace and poise as always. The team just couldn’t get the bats going.


They ended up winning the second game, which was good. However, at this point, all we thought about was getting him out of there and taking him home to rest. His coach had other ideas.


The spud came to the hotel around 6, buy only wanted soup. Mr. Hicks and I had sausage sandwiches. The coach asked him to stay to bond with the team and help with pitching. He said he could skip Monday’s game so we could take him to the doctor. We had decided to leave Monday as the team didn’t play again ’til Tuesday night, so we cancelled our room. However, since the boys were booked 5 to a 4-bed room, we worked with the hotel to keep our room for the spud another two nights. We were all in bed by 10. No beach or hot tubs for me. We went to CVS to get pink eye stuff, tea, honey, and Mucinex. A $60 charge I didn’t plan to incur.

On Monday, we would have to find a doctor, get him checked out, and start the long drive back home again.


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